Monday, 29 October 2012

Singapore a-go-go

Singapore is amazing! I went to Singapore for a week in half term, and it was so hot and humid but there was no sun so I didn't even get a tan. It's such a tiny city, having basically only two main roads, that it was super quick to get around on the metro; but it was so beautiful because of all the greenery (it is called the 'fine' city) that you totally wanted to walk everywhere (which was impossible - I am not a good sweaty person).

Also while away, I visited my 2nd home. The rooms were still as cosy as before. 

This is Orchard Road. It's basically Singapore's version of Oxford Street.

Okay, so that was my trip.

What was really fun about going to Singapore was seeing the ways they incorporated Western and Asian fashion together, including a lot of clear influences from Australia (seeing as it's so close and many people immigrate from there to Singapore).Obviously, there were still loads of fashion crises going on, but in the heat, who can blame them (actually, I can blame them - something fashionable is still fashionable when sweaty and sticky).

Singapore is becoming a bigger and bigger competitor for fashion, with designers such as  Max Tan and Dzojchen gaining more attention in the outer world, thanks to fashion shows and festivals happening increasingly since 2006. Reality shows like 'Supermodelme' and 'Asia's Next Top Model' increase the western world's awareness of asian fashion influences - many coming directly from Singapore; and fashion festivals (eg. the annual Audi Fashion Festival) showcase new collections from Singpore, such as RAOUL, CLEO and NAO. Because of being less well known then the fashion capitals - London, Paris, New York; Singapore can be more adventurous with its fashion and test the water with different designs that later become widely liked and accepted.
Anyway, that's it about Singapore.I'm outtie.

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