Saturday, 5 January 2013

Do you prefer "fashion victim" or "ensembly challenged"?

Okay, so I'm super stocked because the insanly expensive shop Wildfox has brought out this totally radical collection for S/S13. It's genius and completely inspired by the greatest 90's film of all time - Clueless. I, like basically every other girl, fell in love with Josh and wanted to be Cher, especially with her endless supply of clothes and cash, and also her still ahead of the times fashion-conscious computer program that picked her outfits.

Anyway, this collection is full of nostalgic clothes that give a modern twist on classical nineties stuff and makes me want to break out the video tapes and grab some scrunchies and chilax.

So basically they're totally bringing back Clueless fashion.
I know, right!

Also they have some clothes with direct quotes from the movie, like a totally bodacious jumper that says "As if" and a tee with "Totally bogus" on it. I'm in love.

So obviously, I'm super excited for this to come our and am praying that it will be released in the UK asap!! I really hate paying extra to get clothes shipped over here :(

The whole lookbook -

And just if you thought this style wasn't on trend (which would totally make you, like, blind), here's an example of Cher's fashion being way ahead.


(p.s. you're welcome)

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